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Daisy Garden

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Daisy Garden
MSM 2-3 Dodgeball.png
A game of dodgeball being played at Daisy Garden in Mario Sports Mix
Franchise Mario
First appearance Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (2006)
Latest appearance Mario Sports Mix (2010)
Inhabitants Petey Piranha

Daisy Garden is a court in Mario Hoops 3-on-3 and Mario Sports Mix. It is a garden with many flowers in the background, and is made of asphalt. Daisy Garden appears to be inhabited by one or two Petey Piranhas, who affect the gameplay of whichever sporting event takes place there.


Mario Hoops 3-on-3

The Daisy Garden court in Mario Hoops 3-on-3

In Mario Hoops 3-on-3, Daisy Garden is third playable court in the Flower Tourney. Two clones of Petey Piranha serve as the basketball hoop instead. In order to score, a character can land the basketball into the mouth of Petey Piranha on the opposing team's end. However, the basketball can easily slip out, and Petey lunges at whoever attempts to dunk it. Dunking is only possible while Petey Piranha is asleep, which occurs approximately every 50 seconds; this is something that is indicated by a bubble coming out of its face or if someone grabs a Star. During a tourney, a blue seed can be collected as an item by dunking on Petey Piranha three times. Once the player's character acquires the seed and makes a basket, the Malboro Garden court is unlocked.

Malboro Garden is similar to Daisy Garden in that both take place within a garden and have a poisonous plant as their basketball hoop, Malboro in the case of Malboro Garden.

Mario Sports Mix

A 3-on-3 Hockey match in Mario Sports Mix

In Mario Sports Mix, Daisy Garden makes a returning appearance, this time having more sports available. It is also where the party game Feed Petey takes place.

In dodgeball, Petey appears on the left or right side of the court, depending on which side the players are on. Petey will occasionally spit out a giant puddle of sludge, which will trip players up and momentarily stun them. If Petey's mouth is open, the players can throw the ball into his mouth, causing the giant plant to spit out a massive sludge ball. While players can't catch the sludge ball, it can be dodged and repelled.

In basketball, both the players and their opponents' hoops are Petey Piranhas. Much like in Mario Hoops 3-on-3, getting the ball can be quite a hassle since Petey's mouth is usually closed, and if players approach Petey when his mouth is closed, they will be knocked back. The massive plant will open his mouth from time to time, which is the only opportunity for the players to score some points. Petey can also fall asleep, which will make earning points a breeze as well.

In hockey, Petey Piranha will randomly appear on one of the six circles found on the court. From time to time, he'll change his position and move to another circle. If Petey Piranha is hit with the puck or with a hockey stick, he will spit out a massive puddle of sludge, which will slow all the players down who come in contact with it.

For volleyball, Daisy Garden is usually unplayable except via an alternate route in the Flower Cup. It is unplayable in Exhibition mode.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デイジーガーデン
Deijī Gāden
Daisy Garden
Italian Giardino di Daisy Daisy's Garden
Spanish Jardín de Daisy Daisy's Garden