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Final Fantasy VI: The Interactive CG Game

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A scene from the tech demo showing Shadow, Locke, and Terra

Final Fantasy VI: The Interactive CG Game, also known as the Final Fantasy SGI demo, is a technical demo created by Square for the 1995 SIGGRAPH exhibition. It features three characters of Final Fantasy VITerra Branford, Locke Cole, and Shadow — in a battle setting controlled through the use of mouse cursor movements. Unlike Final Fantasy VI, Terra has blonde hair, and Locke's hair is a darker shade of brown.

The intention of the tech demo was for Square to see how the public would react to Final Fantasy in a 3D setting, as they were undergoing a transition from 2D to 3D with the development of Final Fantasy VII. The tech demo was produced using Silicon Graphics workstations, specifically Onyx and Indy2. The models were created in PowerAnimator and animated using Softimage3D. Because the tech demo used Silicon Graphics, which is also used by the Nintendo 64, and the first six Final Fantasy series installments were all released for a Nintendo console, many assumed that the tech demo hinted that the next Final Fantasy game would be released for the Nintendo 64. Square would use the same technology while developing Final Fantasy VII, although the Nintendo 64's technical limitations forced Square to use the CD-ROM format, which the PlayStation utilized, as a means of storing their data.[1]

Footage of Final Fantasy VI: The Interactive CG Game was included on the Square's Preview Extra: FFVII Sample & SIGGRAPH'95 Works disc handed out at the 1996 Tokyo Game Show.