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List of Mario profiles and statistics

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This is a list of profiles and statistics for Mario, organized by language, in Square Enix-related media.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

  • Instruction booklet bio (page 34): Everyone's favorite plumber! He'll do some serious damage with that jump of his! In fact, if you time your attacks just right, you can do a lot of harm!
  • Nintendo Player's Guide (page 10): When an oversized piece of cutlery slices into Bowser's Keep, it's up to the world's pluckiest plumber to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings. Mario always leads the charge into battle, but he won't accomplish his mission without some gallant sidekicks.


Initial stats
  • Level: 1
  • HP: 20
  • FP: 10
  • Speed: 20
  • Attack: 20
  • Defense: 0
  • Magic Attack: 10
  • Magic Defense: 2
  • Special Attacks:
    • Jump:
      • FP Used: 3
      • Magic Power: 25
      • Description: Stomp foes! Press "Y" just before hit!
    • Fire Orb:
      • FP Used: 5
      • Magic Power: 20
      • Description: Fire orb! Push "Y" immediately!
    • Super Jump:
      • FP Used: 7
      • Magic Power: 45
      • Description: Push "Y" prior to hit for DAMAGE!
    • Super Flame:
      • FP Used: 9
      • Magic Power: 40
      • Description: Fire blast! Push "Y" repeatedly!
    • Ultra Jump:
      • FP Used: 11
      • Magic Power: 65
      • Description: Push "Y" prior to hit for DAMAGE!
    • Ultra Flame:
      • FP Used: 14
      • Magic Power: 60
      • Description: Fire orbs! Push "Y" repeatedly!

Mario Hoops 3-on-3

  • Baller Name: The Jumpman
  • Type: All-Around
  • Special Shot: Fire Shot
  • Letter to Tap: M
  • Manual Bio: A versatile player. Mario's steady performance lets him handle anything.
  • Site profile: The Jumpman: Mario's shadow looms large on every court. The best ballers in the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond have come to take their shot at the overalled wonder. But are they ready for his vicious Fire Shot?

Mario Sports Mix

Name Type Home court Power Speed Technique
Mario All-Rounder Mario Stadium 3/5 3/5 3/5

Fortune Street

  • Bio: The world-renowned hero who dashes and jumps his way around the world. He's ready to go for financial glory on Fortune Street.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

  • Instruction booklet bio (page 34): みんなが知ってるボクのヒーロー。得意のジャンプで、今回も大活躍だ! (Everyone knows that he is my hero. He's a hero that everyone knows, and he's going to do it again this time with his signature jump!)