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Malboro FF2 artwork.jpg
Final Fantasy II artwork
Franchise Final Fantasy
First appearance Final Fantasy II (Famicom) (1988)
Great Malboro
Malboro Menace
Malboro Terra

Malboros are monstrous plants whose body is covered in tentacle-like vines. They are recurring enemies in the Final Fantasy games, with Final Fantasy II acting as their debut appearance. Most Malboros are green, and their signature move is Bad Breath, in which they release toxic breath that can inflict various status effects on their target. Due to their bad breath, they might be named after the Marlboro brand of cigarettes.

Game appearances

Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy II

Malboro FF2 PSP sprite.png

In Final Fantasy II, Malboros are encountered in the Cave of Mysidia (floors B1-B5) and the Arcane Labyrinth (in the Mysidia and Sorcery dungeons). Whenever a Malboro attacks, it may inflict paralysis on its target.

Final Fantasy VI

Malboro FF6 SNES sprite.png

In Final Fantasy VI, Malboros are only encountered in Darill's Tomb in the World of Ruin. Their special attack is Drool, which inflicts Sap on their target. If Relm uses Sketch on a Malboro, she either uses Bad Breath (75% chance) or Drool (25% chance). In the original Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions, Malboros are instead named Mad Oscar.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, a Malboro is fought as the boss at the end of Mushroom Forest. It retains its signature Bad Breath attack, but also attacks using Slowga and, starting with the second cycle, Blizzaga.

Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 screenshot of a Malboro in Malboro Garden

In Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Malboros are featured as the main and titular obstacle of Malboro Garden. There is one positioned behind either basket. Malboros in this game have a unique appearance from most other titles, with five huge orange eyes and a long mouth. If a character gets too close to a Malboro, it uses Bad Breath, which releases purple gas that knocks and slows any character who comes into contact with it.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

In Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales, Malboros are featured in the microgame, Malboro Masher. They retain their appearance from Mario Hoops 3-on-3.


Final Fantasy II stats
Rank HP MP Attack Accuracy Defense Evasion Magic Defense Gil
5 750 0 50 5-80 5 1-60 4-40 450-900
Treasure Weakness Resistance Absorbs
Hi-Potion, Ether Lightning Fire, Poison None
Final Fantasy VI stats
Level HP MP Attack Defense Evasion Magic Magic Defense Magic Evasion Gil EXP Type
30 2,900 980 20 95 0 10 145 0 2,292 780 ---
Steal Drops
X-Potion Remedy, Holy Water
Immune to Weakness Absorbs Immunity
--- Fire Poison, Water Imp, Death, Silence, Sleep

Bestiary navigation

Pit Fiend | Malboro (#065) | Mezzo Malboro
Borghese | Malboro (#144) | Cloudwraith
Borghese | Malboro (#241 [Monsters]) | Skeletal Horror


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モルボル
Possibly derived from the prefix "mal-" (meaning "bad") and「ボロ」(boro, exhausting); also likely a reference to「マールボロ」(Marlboro) due to their toxic gas
French Xylomid
Italian Molboro
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