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Use the form below to upload a file, whether it's an image, an audio clip, or a video clip. To view or search previously uploaded files, see the list of uploaded files. Uploads and reuploads are logged in the upload log and deletions are logged in the deletion log. Copyrighted music must be clipped to 30 seconds or less, with a fade-out.

The text in the summary box is preloaded syntax for the {{aboutfile}} template, which must be formatted correctly or removed before uploading. If you wish to fill in only some of the information, remove the entire line for any unused parameters. If you know the appropriate image/media file categories to apply, then remove the {{uncategorized}} tag and add them below.

NOTE: If you're uploading a new version of a file, you may not see the change right away. If that happens, don't re-upload or revert the file; you need to hard-refresh the page or clear your browser's cache to see the change.

WARNING: Remember that your upload(s) must abide by British copyright law, as failure to do so would result in copyright violations and wiki closure. Miraheze is based in the United Kingdom, which uses a fair dealing system; it is similar yet slightly stricter than America's fair use system.


  • When uploading a file, please specify its license. All licensed media pertaining to Square Enix are copyrighted by the company themselves and/or related parties, such as Disney for Kingdom Hearts. They are being used here under fair use.
  • Please provide an appropriate file name. For example, if you're uploading a PNG image depicting Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, name it "Cloud FF7 artwork.png" rather than "2025345-35345a.png".
  • Users are allowed to upload up to ten personal images, which are images that are unrelated to what the Square Enix Wiki covers (e.g. fan art).
  • Whenever possible, please upload images in image formats that are less prone to quality loss when resized; for instance, instead of uploading a JPEG (.jpg) file, upload a Portable Network Graphics (.png) image if you can find one, but DO NOT convert a JPG to a PNG, as this does not reduce the quality and only bloats the file size. When uploading sprites, please make sure that the background of the image is transparent (unless it is taken from a low quality screenshot, in which case the image needs to be replaced in any case).
  • If you are uploading an image of poor or dubious quality (e.g. ones that have a watermark on them), be sure to add {{image-quality}} at the top of the file information page.

Placing files in articles

To include a file in a page, use a link in one of the following forms:

  • [[File:File.jpg]] to use the full version of the file
  • [[File:File.png|200px|thumb|left|alt text]] to use a 200 pixel wide rendition in a box in the left margin with 'alt text' as description
  • [[Media:File.ogg]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file

For more information on how to use images, see Help:Image.