Pinball (Mario franchise)

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Pinballs are large metal balls featured as an obstacle on the Waluigi Pinball court in Mario Sports Mix. They originally appeared in Mario Kart DS as obstacles in the race course of the same name.

Pinballs are released onto the court by a giant robotic Waluigi and then continuously roll around the area, hitting bumpers and walls. When they collide with a player, they push them back and stun them for a few moments while also becoming faster. They keep their momentum if they hit a bumper but will revert to their original speed if they hit a solid wall instead. If a pinball ends up in the hole at the top middle of the court, another one appears shortly afterwards.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese てっきゅう
Iron ball
Chinese (Simplified) 铁球
Tiě Qiú
Iron Ball
Chinese (Traditional) 鐵球
Tiě Qiú
Iron Ball
French Boule de métal Metal ball
German Metallkugel Metal ball
Italian Sfera di ferro[citation needed] Iron sphere
Korean 철퇴
Cheol toe
Portuguese Bola de metal Metal ball
Spanish Bola de metal Metal ball