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Special Shot

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Mario prepares to execute his special shot during a Hockey match in Mario Sports Mix

A Special Shot is a move that any playable character can perform in Mario sports games, debuting in Mario Hoops 3-on-3. It generally involves the character performing a powerful strike to the ball when certain conditions are met.


Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Mario making out an "M" for his Fire Shot in Mario Hoops 3-on-3

In Mario Hoops 3-on-3, Special Shots are activated by touching the Touch Screen at points to make a certain letter or symbol. The symbols include an M, an L, a triangle, a W, a B, an N, an S, or a star, with each character having a set symbol. The "L" symbol, used exclusively by Luigi, is the only symbol to not be used by any other character. The symbol must be tapped out twice to perform the Special Shot, and characters cannot move while starting the Special Shot. A player is highly vulnerable to tackles while bouncing the ball in the special formation, so it is unwise to attempt a special shot when being swarmed by opponents.

Special Shots are unstoppable if executed from inside the 3-point line, and will always make it in the basket. However, if executed outside the 3-point line, a teammate needs to run up and dunk the ball. Sometimes, the teammate will fail to receive the ball. If an opponent is blocking that teammate, they miss the shot.

Symbol Character Special Shot
M Mario Fire Shot
M Yoshi Flutter Dunk
M Donkey Kong Konga Dunk
M Diddy Kong Jet Shot
M Moogle Moogle Dance
L Luigi Green Fire Shot
Triangle Peach Heart Shot
Triangle Daisy Flower Shot
Triangle Dixie Kong Cannon Shot
Triangle Birdo Egg Shot
W Wario Move-It Dunk
W Waluigi Twist Dunk
B Bowser Bomber Dunk
B Bowser Jr. Graffiti Shot
B Boo Thriller Dunk
N Paratroopa Wing Shot
N Ninja Leaf Veil
S Fly Guy Thunder Shot
S Cactuar 1000 Needles
Star White Mage Holy Shot
Star Black Mage Meteor Shot

Mario Sports Mix

In Mario Sports Mix, special shots make a return appearance. While the shots play similarly to that of the special shots from Mario Hoops 3-on-3, these shots are blockable, and can be preventable. Also, the method of unleashing a special shot is different as the moves can only be used once the player's special shot meter reaches a maximum level. Each character has a different, and unique special shot that is based on their properties and features. Additionally, the special shots tend to vary in the way it is used in each of the four sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, and Dodgeball.