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Superstar Shootout

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Superstar Shootout
Superstar Shootout.png
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Flash
Release date 2006
Genre Action
Mode(s) Single player
Input Keyboard

Superstar Shootout was one of two Adobe Flash minigames that were available on the official Mario Hoops 3-on-3 website, the other being Dribble Skillz. Superstar Shootout was not made available under's Nintendo Arcade at the time, unlike Dribble Skillz. In the European website, the Mario Slam Basketball logo is instead shown on the title screen, instructions, and results screen as a reflection of the game's title in that region.


SuperstarShootout gameplay1.jpg

In this game, the player controls Mario, who has to shoot ten basketballs into a hoop. The player can aim using the left and right arrow keys, and hold the space bar to set the throwing force. When thrown, the ball will bounce off surrounding elements. The player will be awarded 50,000 points for every ball that goes into the hoop.

If the basketball hits an arrow wheel, it gets sent into the direction that the arrow wheel is facing. Coins are also scattered throughout the area and can be collected with the ball, each coin adding 100 points to the score, albeit on a separate coin counter. Red Coins also appear alongside the other coins and are worth 1,000 points.

The layout of the coins and arrow wheels changes after each throw, regardless if it is a successful or a missed shot. The game is over when all ten basketballs are used up, and the player will receive a score based off of how many baskets they scored and how many coins they collected. The player can then choose to replay the game.

Coins collected in the game can be used on the official website to unlock characters, which can then be dragged on a field and selected to read snippets about each one.