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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


In general, this template should only be applied by administrators.

If you believe someone is using sockpuppets or meat puppets, you should let an administrator or someone on the Trust and Safety team know. In reporting suspected sockpuppetry, you must obey the rules with regard to disclosure of personal or identifying information. Only blocked accounts should be tagged as Category:Suspected sockpuppets and only upon sufficient evidence that would stand up to scrutiny.

Usage Code Output
Suspected {{IPsock|username}}
Proven (not always blocked) {{IPsock|username|confirmed}}
If there is any evidence, you can use the following code, confirmed or not. {{IPsock|username|evidence= [[Project:Sockpuppetry|foo]]}}

{{IPsock|username|confirmed| evidence=[[Project:Sockpuppetry|foo]]}}

If the user believed/confirmed to be using the IP is blocked, you can add the "blocked=yes" parameter. {{IPsock|username|blocked=yes}}

{{IPsock|username|confirmed| blocked=yes}}

Other notes[edit]

This template automatically adds to the correct category specified by the user.

It also adds the __NOINDEX__ magic word.

See also[edit]

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