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A template used for formatting in-game item names in several of the earlier Square Enix games, which displayed a certain sprite next to an item name.


Code Button Image
Final Fantasy
{{item-icon|ff|axe}} Axe FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|armor}} Armor FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|bracelet}} Bracelet FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|gauntlet}} Gauntlet FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|hammer}} Hammer FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|helmet}} Helmet FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|knife}} Knife FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|nunchaku}} Nunchuck FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|potion}} Potion FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|shield}} Shield FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|shirt}} Shirt FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|staff}} Staff FF icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff|sword}} Sword FF icon.png [link]
Final Fantasy II
{{item-icon|ff2|axe}} Axe FFII icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff2|bow}} Bow FFII icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff2|knife}} Knife FFII icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff2|shield}} Shield FFII icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff2|spear}} Spear FFII icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff2|staff}} Staff FFII icon.png [link]
{{item-icon|ff2|sword}} Sword FFII icon.png [link]


The original template is from the Final Fantasy Wiki.