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Place the template on the desired page and it will link to the corresponding media list page and/or in-game music page. Update {{media nav}} and {{in-game music}} as needed. By default, it will always assume List of ___ media and List of ___ in-game music where the blanks will be the article name.


If there is a reason to link elsewhere and not create a new page or an identifier is present, the default links can be overridden. The first parameter is used for the name of the media list, and the ingame parameter is use for the name of the in-game music article. To remove the in-game music link, such as if the list exists but is a redirect, set the ingame parameter to blank.


  • {{Main-media|Cloud Strife}}
  • {{Main-media|Cloud Strife|ingame=Tifa Lockhart}}
  • {{Main-media|ingame=Tifa Lockhart}}


For a complete list of media for this subject, see Cloud Strife.
For a complete list of media for this subject, see Cloud Strife.