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[[Media:{{{file}}}.oga|File info]]
A Media template for .OGA files which are audio files. Please, edit only if you know the code.



The purpose of this template is to cleanly insert Audio files into pages. The following parameters may be defined when using it.

  • file - The name of the file. It should not include the "File:" prefix, nor the file extension (.oga) So for the file at "File:Example.oga", this parameter would be defined as "Example".
  • pipe - This should be the file's name as it will appear on the page. For instance, if a file is uploaded at "File:Example246.oga", but it needs to appear on the page as simply "Example", title would be defined "Example246", and pipe "Example". In cases where title and pipe would be set to identical values, only title needs to be used.
  • description - A short description of the file that will appear with it on the page.
  • length - HH:MM:SS format. Omit zeros please.
  • caps - If the file extension is written in all caps (.OGA), this should be set to "on". If it is written in lowercase (.oga), it should be either left blank or set to "off". Note that a file extension containing a mix of capitals and lowercase is incompatible with this template.

At current, it supports only one file per template. It is recommended to not use this template directly. Use {{media table}} instead because it will call this template.

For OGA files. To use for OGG or OGV, see {{media table/row}} and {{media table/OGV}}.