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Template:SMRPG enemy infobox

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Super Mario RPG enemy
SMRPG enemy infobox
HP Attack M. attack
{{{hp}}} {{{attack}}} {{{magic_attack}}}
Defense M. defense Speed
{{{defense}}} {{{magic_defense}}} {{{speed}}}
Evade M. evade FP
{{{evade}}} {{{magic_evade}}} {{{fp}}}
Morph rate EXP Coins
{{{morph_rate}}} {{{exp}}} {{{coins}}}
Additional information
Location(s) {{{location}}}
Special attacks {{{special_attack}}}
Spells {{{spells}}}
Items {{{items}}}
Strong {{{strong}}}
Weak {{{weak}}}
Bonus Flower {{{bonus_flower}}}
Yoshi Cookie {{{yoshi_cookie}}}

This template is used for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars enemies and bosses. For the table equivalent, see {{SMRPG enemy table}}.


{{SMRPG enemy infobox