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Template:Shared IP edu

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This template can be transcluded onto the user talk page of any IP address belonging to an educational institution such as a school or college. It provides a warning notice to editors and users from the IP, and categorizes pages to Category:Shared IP addresses used by Wikipedia users and Category:Shared IP addresses from educational institutions.


{{Shared IP edu|name of institution|contact information|host=optional.hostname}}

The second parameter can be used to specify an e-mail address or role account to which abuse reports can be sent. Use this parameter only if the institution has specifically requested that it be added. See, as an example, University of Cambridge, User:Cambridge CERT and User talk:

To prevent excessive clutter on the user talk page, and to make future changes easier, this template should NOT be subst:ed. The parameter for hostname is optional.

See also

Category Template Notes
Educational institutions {{Shared IP edu|<name>|<host>}} Including schools, colleges and universities.
Public access points {{Shared IP address (public)|<name>|<host>}} Wifi hotspots, public computer terminals, etc.
Governmental source {{Shared IP gov|<name>|<host>}} Government sources, including departments and agencies at all levels.
Non-ISP businesses {{Shared IP corp|<name>|<host>}}
Non-shared static IPs {{Whois|<registration info>}} Such as Road Runner Residential.
Shared static IPs {{Static IP|<name>|<host>}}
ISP known to generate Dynamic IPs {{Dynamic IP|organization|<name>|<host>}} Such as AOL.
Mobile carrier {{Mobile IP|<name>|<host>}} Such as Telstra Mobile.
Internet service providers {{ISP|<name>|<host>}} Such as Cox Communications. The ISP's name will usually be obvious as to whether or not they are ISPs, or you may wish to search to see if there is a relevant Wikipedia article, and then read the information there to see how it is defined.
Colocation providers {{SharedIPcolocation|<name>|<host>}}
Other type of non-ISP organization which may plausibly have shared IPs {{Shared IP|<name>|<host>|<location>}}
Miscellaneous and other uses {{whois|<registration info>}}

Special cases
IP address operated by Spectrum (users) {{Shared IP special|Spectrum}} Set |2=yes to display colorful banner
IP addresses operated by Singtel {{Singtel}}
IP addresses operated by HughesNet {{HughesNet}}
IP addresses operated by IBM {{IBM IP}}
Private and Wikimedia Foundation IP addresses {{WMF IP}}