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Template:Shared IP header templates

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Category Template Notes
Educational institutions {{Shared IP edu|<name>|<host>}} Including schools, colleges and universities.
Public access points {{Shared IP address (public)|<name>|<host>}} Wifi hotspots, public computer terminals, etc.
Governmental source {{Shared IP gov|<name>|<host>}} Government sources, including departments and agencies at all levels.
Non-ISP businesses {{Shared IP corp|<name>|<host>}}
Non-shared static IPs {{Whois|<registration info>}} Such as Road Runner Residential.
Shared static IPs {{Static IP|<name>|<host>}}
ISP known to generate Dynamic IPs {{Dynamic IP|organization|<name>|<host>}} Such as AOL.
Mobile carrier {{Mobile IP|<name>|<host>}} Such as Telstra Mobile.
Internet service providers {{ISP|<name>|<host>}} Such as Cox Communications. The ISP's name will usually be obvious as to whether or not they are ISPs, or you may wish to search to see if there is a relevant Wikipedia article, and then read the information there to see how it is defined.
Colocation providers {{SharedIPcolocation|<name>|<host>}}
Other type of non-ISP organization which may plausibly have shared IPs {{Shared IP|<name>|<host>|<location>}}
Miscellaneous and other uses {{whois|<registration info>}}

Special cases
IP address operated by Spectrum (users) {{Shared IP special|Spectrum}} Set |2=yes to display colorful banner
IP addresses operated by Singtel {{Singtel}}
IP addresses operated by HughesNet {{HughesNet}}
IP addresses operated by IBM {{IBM IP}}
Private and Wikimedia Foundation IP addresses {{WMF IP}}